Friday, September 4, 2009

Ftrst for Women cartoon

Just sold this one yesterday . . news came via the computer . . and the finish and the billing and contract were all executed over the internet.

Yes, we ARE moving towards a paperless office . . next, they'll stop making paper, then pencils . . by then all of the india ink mfrs. are bankrupt ( Almost there now ) . . . I just cleaned up the drawing, added a little shading, and in a few minutes . . zap, the whole transaction was over . . and no 9x12 envelope for the finish . . and no postage stamps . . no trip to the post office . . as Bruce Williams used to say . . WHERE IS THE HOOK ? let's embrace it, man ( AND women ) !

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Greg said...

That sure is convenient! I just spent all of last evening preparing batches (the envelopes and stamps you speak of).

For some reason, I actually prefer that over e-mail submissions. I have this vision in my head, of an editor with 400 new daily e-mails, with mine lost somewhere between 359 and 384 (and that's if it avoids the spam folder). A large yellow envelope is more difficult to ignore.

Or maybe I'm crazy. Which do you prefer?