Friday, September 4, 2009

National Review cartoon

Here is an oldie from the 90's that came out in The National Review Magazine. You used to see these guys all over the street in downtown Washington, D.C. . . . back then you'd get a gag idea from them sometimes as your mind would wander while stuck at a long traffic light ,
" . . there. but for the grace of God, go I . . . "

I once offered one of " them " a job . . when the minimum wage was 4.75 an hour or so, I offered him $10.00 an hour and free pick up and delivery to his cardboard box every day . . in the alley by the main post office across the street from Union Station . . I gave him a twenty dollar bill for encouragement, I told him someone would pick him up at a quarter of six in the morning right in front of his cardboard box . . and we'd drop him off at about six in the evening . . he had told me that he had been out of work for 3 years and couldn't find any kind of job . . I went on to say that he would only have to sweep the shop, take out the trash and that he could learn screen printing and sign installation and photographic dark room skills ( When there WAS such a thing ) or many other jobs around my sign company that he might like to learn. . . that was about in 1992 . . The first morning, the box was empty . . the second try the box was empty . . I finally figured it out that he must've moved to a bigger box with maybe more leg room . . across town probably where he might not run into another job . . I could never figure things like that out . . I hate being judgemental . . BUT . . BUT .. .

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