Tuesday, April 27, 2010


" Your subconscious mind is the most obedient servant you could ever employ. "

Jerry Gillies ( Writer, motivational coach, and my friend ) 

Well-known for his best seller, " MONEYLOVE "

" A funny thing happened on the way to The New Yorker " ( book ")

One of my favorites, this cartoon was used on my book cover,   " A Funny thing happened on the way to The New Yorker ", available for ten bucks plus $3.00 for S&H. Right here, a great collection of cartoons, rejects from The NYer but went on to sell to major magazines across the country. 6x9 inches. On its second printing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cartoon of the Hour !

Here's a cartoon I just ran across while rummaging through some boxes of old drawings.  This one came out in a Barnes/Noble Cat Calendar back a few years ago.

One of my favorites.

Cartoon of the Month

This cartoon appeared this week in The Wall Street Journal, Amerca's favorite largest newspaper.

From Milton Berle's Private Joke File:

On Liquor, Uncle Miltie had a few I liked - - -

" Liquor may be a slow poison, but who's in a hurry ? "
He's of mixed marriage - - half Scotch, Half Soda.
A banker got loaded at a party, but was determined to maintain his dignity when the hostess showed him her newborn twins.
He said:  " Oh, what a beautiful child ! "

Milton Berle was one of the greatest stand-up comedians who ever lived . . coming from way back in the old vaudeville days - - -  he travelled the whole circuit for years, going everywhere and any place he could get a gig - - - He admitted he borrowed jokes and one-liners and often referred to himself as  . .

The Thief of Bad Gags . . . ( Ouch ! )
I loved the guy.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


" We will either find a way or make one. "


One of my heroes of all time. What a tactician and leader. We need a guy like this in the White House now.  I'd hate to run in to this guy in an alley on a dark night.

This is a great quote to write on a piece of paper and place it above your drawing board where you can see it every day.  This is the kind of attitude to be a selling cartoonist or writer. 

Reminds me - - - In one of  Mort Walker's early books, he spoke about while in living in New York in the early fifties pounding the streets getting started in this crazy business, he had this kind of an attitude - - - He wrote on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, a place where he would see the message every morning while shaving, the following simple statement:  " I will not be denied. " 

This simple story sends chills up my spine.  You can't stop a man that wants to go somewhere. ( Not with an attitude like that. )  No wonder he is where he is. It doesn't surprise ME.  He is one of my cartoon idols.  What a role model !

Cartoon of the Day

I had trouble buying my first watch dog.  He was a lot like this one.  I live way out here in the boondocks . . .all around me are homes with 2-3 acres and many have watch dogs, so actually, I don't need one, I count on theirs.

Monday, April 19, 2010

cartoon of thev week

What's the deal here in Spain . . . traditition ? - - - I think there should be a law in Pamplona - - - everyone desiring to taunt and chase the bulls every year in those narrow streets and alleyways should have their heads examined prior to entering.  Those who fail the competency test should be allowed anyway - - - at least you know the ones who are running with a brick shy of a load - - -  

Cartoon of the Day

Hopefully the guys in Afghanistan can find a couple minutes to grill some marshmallows inbetween everything going on, but I doubt it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leatherneck magazine - Roy Delgado

This drawing appears on page 52 in the April issue of the magazine of the Marines, LEATHERNECK.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Wall Street Journal cartoon

This cartoon appeared this week in The Wall Street Journal . . . thanks to Don Cresci for sending me the clip.

Kind of reminds you of what our friend, Bernie Madoff was running . . . it was about as close to a cult you'll ever see . . . what a bastard !   ( I mean MADOFF, NOT CRESCI ! )  You start kidding around and see what happens !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cartoon of the Day

One of my favorite cartoons, so timely now, with the appointment of a new Supreme Court Judge, hm-m-n ? - - - I wonder what they DID mean by that phrase ?

What part of NO don't you understand ?, Hm-m-n ?

Extremist position ?, Hm-m-m-n ?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Question of the day

A recent Johns Hopkins Medical University study concluded that four out of five people suffer from Diarrhea. 

( Does that mean that ONE out of five people ENJOY IT ? !  - - - man, give me a break ! )

Cruising is Amusing cartoon book

Here is a sample cartoon from the softback Cruising is Amusing by Roy Delgado and Bob Rafferty.  It's a book jampacked with cartoons from the passenger's point of view.  Retails for $19.95.  A laugh on every page ( almost every page ).

Factoid No. 1,785

" Columbus is the guy who, except for the indians, the vikings, the egyptians, the chinese, and possibly space aliens discovered America. "

- Craig Kilborn

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New cartoon book - Roy Delgado's Family Funnies

Here is a peek of the brand spanking new book of cartoons by this author.  It is an anthology of some of the best and funniest cartoons for a family-oriented audience culled from major magazines and publications in the U.S.  A laugh on every page. 190 pages of clippings from, to name just a few:  Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, Medical Economics, Cortlandt Forum, etc.

An 8x8 softback with a laminated color cover and the inside  jam-packed with black and white cartoons,  also includes an interesting bio in the preface with photos of his interesting sign company he founded and operated for 26 years!

The softback retails for $14.95 plus $5.00 S&H

Here are a few cartoons from the book.  Enjoy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Barron's cartoon - Roy Delgado

This drawing came out approximately in 2006 when occasionally they would request a drawing to be finished in color.  This one was rendered in color using pastel pencils, except for the yellow where I used markers. 

Ever since the scaling back of costs because of diminishing paper print sales, they, like others had to cut corners so they no longer use color and do not give out tear sheets like they used to.

It's things like this that make you want to say, "remember the good old days ?"

nuf sed.


" Und so lang du das nicht hast,
Dieses: stirb und werde,
Bist du nur ein truber Gast
Auf der dunklen Erde. "

" As long as you do not know how to die and come to life again you are but a sorry traveler on this dark earth. "

GOETHE, West-ostlicher Divan

Wall Street Journal cartoon - Roy Delgado

This recent drawing came out in the April 6th, 2010.  issue. It's one of my favorites.  

Monday, April 5, 2010


" I'd rather have  a million past successes than one present-day failure. "


Someone might ask, who the hell is Carlos Genardini ?   I'll tell you.

Carlos Genardini was, in 1952, a forty-five-ish, well-read Gilbert Roland/Salvador Dali look-alike with greying temples.  

I'm sure ole Carlos has passed by now.  Carlos is stuck in my mind forever over a couple instances going way back to around 1952.

I was a teenager and got started in my field early by working after school and Saturday and sometimes on Sunday at Tucson's premier ( at that time ) all-around Sign and Display Studio, Tony Urias and Associates in Tucson, Arizona.

Christmas time was our busy season, so Mr. Urias would import from Los Angeles, California an old and talented friend to help us out for about a month or two . . . He lived and slept in the shop to save money and would pick up a nice bundle of cash to bring back to L.A..

By living in the shop, he was able to put in long hours, and since we were bulging with all types of work, he relished seeing a stack of work orders . . . and since he was multi-talented he seemed to be a man on amphetemines, never tiring . . . incessant jibbering all day long, AND into the night . . . the rumor was that he lived in a mental asylym in L.A. and was on a work-release program of some kind . . who the hell knows . . the boss would warn us before he came that try not to agitate him, and to please tolerate him because we really needed help . . . it was extremely stressfull working with this guy . . He would rant: " I am Carlos Genardini, the world's greatest all-around sign and display man, carpenter, scenic artist, sign painter, showcard writer, calligrapher, electrician, mural painter . . . you people should be glad I'm here ! - - - blah - blah - - blah . . . it would go on and on and on. ( Like this blog )

I learned a lot from Carlos, he could speak fluent Spanish, Italian and English.  Although he wasn't wrapped too tight, he was one helluva talent.  God Bless You, Carlos, wherever you are.

I think I have a little Carlos Genardini in me.

Cartoon of the Day

Sunday, April 4, 2010

National Review cartoon - Roy delgado

Here's one of my favorites that I sold to National Review magazine that I happened to run across in my files . . . I actually saw a poor sap like this at Union station in Washington, D.C. back in the '80's - - - and people ask: " Where do you get your ideas ? " . . . 

  I think you have to be very observant, usually the ideas are not given to you in complete form, ready to use, but by free-association, it's amazing what is actually out there floating in the ether - - - the secret is to "pluck" one going by, put it in your folder - - - and come back later to it and keep tweaking it - - many times, something comes up - - - they are out there. 

Thought for the Day -

LOVE like nobody has ever hurt you -

DANCE like nobody is watching -

SING like nobody is listening -

LIVE like this was paradise on earth -

I've been told this is old, but I myself never saw this exact wisdom put exactly so beautifully, so I'm passing it on in the hope that it will perhaps put a smile on someone's face who has never seen it - - -