Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New Logo

Photo by Arthur Tcholakian

This is the new logo/photo that I'll be using in all my material herewith . . . it is the old photo "TWEAKED" with new colors splashed vertically to give it a more contemporary look with an old " BROADWAY" typeface for the name imbedded . . . .  a touch of the old with a touch of the new . . .

The original photo was taken by the late world-famous portrait photographer, ARTHUR TCHOLAKIAN, Armenian-American who I had the pleasure of being his friend when I had my sign company in Newington, Virginia in the early 80's . . .  He was referred to me by a close friend who had just painted his new house. 

Arthur had decided to move down from New York and re-establish his photography studio in nearby Wolftrap, Virginia.  His many successful projects in the past consisted of beautiful award-winning photographic portfolios of the Soviet Union, Israel, Africa and several other European countries.  He went on world photo assignments for Time-life and National Geographic magazine.  He was truly a world-class photographer.  

His first project he was planning in Virginia was a book consisting of all of the ambassador's wives in the Washington, D.C. embassies.  I remember back in the early 80's his fee for a portrait was a flat $1000.00 which included pick-up at your office in a limousine, lunch and return trip to your office via limo.  It took the major portion of the day.

Arthur was a genius photographer.  What I did for him was a custom 3x5 ft. double-sided screenprinted nylon flag with his logo I had created and the words: Wolftrap Photography, it was a conservative 2-color flag and flew below the U.S. flag on his front lawn in nearby Reston, Virginia.  I remember 'trading" services . . . his fee for a custom portrait at that time, like I said, was $1000.00. 

I got the best part of the deal.  The fact that Arthur took my portrait, was enough for me.  To name just a very few of his portraits in his books who sat for him, were:  Golda Meir, Bobby Short, Salvador Dali, Lena Horne . . . the list is endless . .

We hit off a real good close friendship, had a lot in common . . . I was looking forward to going on field trips with him and taking lessons on a single lens reflex ( SLR ) camera when all of a sudden, his wife calls me and told me the tragic news that Arthur had suddenly died, I believe from a stroke.

If you want to read a little really interesting stuff on a great American phographer, Arthur Tcholakian . . .  Do yourself a favor . . . " Google" him !

I feel real lucky to have crossed paths with this creative artist with a camera !


Len David Chapman said...

New logo looks a little like a Jazz poster, circa 1959. I too am a big fan of some Jazz greats such as Monk, Peterson, Davis to name a few, so I dig it! Roy, I live in Toronto and attached here is a link to a pretty cool Jazz station.
Len Chapman

Roy Delgado said...

Hi Len,

Thanks for the great comment. I AM a jazz lover. In case you do NOT have Ken Burns' documentary: " JAZZ", do yourself a favor and get it. It's probably out on DVD now, I got mine on VHS video. ( It was a 10 pc. box set )

Yes, it was definately influenced by those jazz record covers of the 50's . . . In July of 1958 I attended the NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL . I was stationed with the the Marines in Washington, D.C. and 4 of us hitch-hiked to the event in Newport, Rhode Island.

I crisply remember Duke Ellington, Gerry Mulligan, Chuck Berry doing his famous duck walk on the stage at the outdoor venue, Ella was there and the bands continued and went unstopped for three days from 9 to 9. That Fourth of July weekend was truly a highlight in my life. I can still hear Duke Ellington's Paul Gonzalves' sax solo that must have lasted for fifteen minutes.

Thanks for the link.


P.S. Love your photo, believe it or not, you and I looked a little alike at that age. If I can dig mine up, I'll post it, Len . . . Watch for it.

Len David Chapman said...

Hi Roy, I'll watch for the photo and keep in jazz and stuff!