Monday, April 5, 2010


" I'd rather have  a million past successes than one present-day failure. "


Someone might ask, who the hell is Carlos Genardini ?   I'll tell you.

Carlos Genardini was, in 1952, a forty-five-ish, well-read Gilbert Roland/Salvador Dali look-alike with greying temples.  

I'm sure ole Carlos has passed by now.  Carlos is stuck in my mind forever over a couple instances going way back to around 1952.

I was a teenager and got started in my field early by working after school and Saturday and sometimes on Sunday at Tucson's premier ( at that time ) all-around Sign and Display Studio, Tony Urias and Associates in Tucson, Arizona.

Christmas time was our busy season, so Mr. Urias would import from Los Angeles, California an old and talented friend to help us out for about a month or two . . . He lived and slept in the shop to save money and would pick up a nice bundle of cash to bring back to L.A..

By living in the shop, he was able to put in long hours, and since we were bulging with all types of work, he relished seeing a stack of work orders . . . and since he was multi-talented he seemed to be a man on amphetemines, never tiring . . . incessant jibbering all day long, AND into the night . . . the rumor was that he lived in a mental asylym in L.A. and was on a work-release program of some kind . . who the hell knows . . the boss would warn us before he came that try not to agitate him, and to please tolerate him because we really needed help . . . it was extremely stressfull working with this guy . . He would rant: " I am Carlos Genardini, the world's greatest all-around sign and display man, carpenter, scenic artist, sign painter, showcard writer, calligrapher, electrician, mural painter . . . you people should be glad I'm here ! - - - blah - blah - - blah . . . it would go on and on and on. ( Like this blog )

I learned a lot from Carlos, he could speak fluent Spanish, Italian and English.  Although he wasn't wrapped too tight, he was one helluva talent.  God Bless You, Carlos, wherever you are.

I think I have a little Carlos Genardini in me.

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