Tuesday, April 20, 2010


" We will either find a way or make one. "


One of my heroes of all time. What a tactician and leader. We need a guy like this in the White House now.  I'd hate to run in to this guy in an alley on a dark night.

This is a great quote to write on a piece of paper and place it above your drawing board where you can see it every day.  This is the kind of attitude to be a selling cartoonist or writer. 

Reminds me - - - In one of  Mort Walker's early books, he spoke about while in living in New York in the early fifties pounding the streets getting started in this crazy business, he had this kind of an attitude - - - He wrote on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, a place where he would see the message every morning while shaving, the following simple statement:  " I will not be denied. " 

This simple story sends chills up my spine.  You can't stop a man that wants to go somewhere. ( Not with an attitude like that. )  No wonder he is where he is. It doesn't surprise ME.  He is one of my cartoon idols.  What a role model !


Mike Lynch said...

That's a great story. Now, whose lipstick as it I wonder? Ha ha!

Admiral Peary's motto was "Find a way or make one" too. When his North Pole claims were found to be false in the 1990s, I thought that should be changed to "Find a way or fake one."

Roy Delgado said...

Hi Mike -
Very good question - - - next time you see him, YOU ask him where he got the lipstick. Also, while you're at it, ask him about the dress, wig and 5 inch high heel pumps in his closet - - just kidding, they were mine - - - I left everything there from a previous visit.