Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow in Maysville

They called for the worse snow in 30 years . . I remember distincly the blizzard of '93 . .

 This time the snow started falling last night just before dark . . And . .  this time I thought I was going to be smart . . My big-brained plan for the next blizzard was to let it fall maybe about six inches or so, then get into my Tahoe and drive it down the driveway ( about 40 yards ) to the road.

This would create a "path" so then I could wait another hour or so, then repeat the drill, I would continue this over and over every hour or so, by constantly doing this I would not get stuck up here with 3 feet of snow like last time., and I figured that even if it snowed 3 feet again . . I would do it the smart way.

The problem with the great plan, I fell asleep watching Casablanca and when I woke up in the early A.M.., I looked outside and it was too late . . it looked like it was already over two feet and it was coming down steady . . . So I scrapped the plan . . waited till it subsided and about 9 A.M. shovelled out about six feet out from the house and quit . . little by little . . I thought I'd clear a path to my car which is still about 50 ft. from my house. 

Now the blizzard is still on, steady coming down but at least I'll get 'em next year.

All of this looks so ridiculous to a guy from Tucson, Arizona . . used to the sun and cactus 365 days a year.

I live about 3 miles out of the city of Petersburg, WV . . .   So my actual street address is in an unincorporated town called Maysville.  ( Very much like Mayberry on TV, every now and then, I swear I see Don Knotts in town, he WAS actually from West Virginia ).

Just looked out and saw six deer 20 feet from my window scrounging around looking for something to eat.

Have filled the 3 birdhouses on my porch 3 times in the last 24 hours . . They know where they can always find a good meal in a blizzard, around here the word travels fast . . . Bluejays, Cardinals, Crows, Snowbirds . . Woodpeckers, Finches . .  all within 6 feet from my window . . boy, Rocky and Midnight, my two cats go nuts just watching the feeding, their tails swaying back and forth and their ears perking up . . once, Rocky jumped and hit the glass window with his head, forgetting that he was inside the house . .

Shut up and keep drawing.

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