Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playboy Jan-Feb Cartoon

This drawing appears on page 188 of the January-February issue just out.  Hef has started to combine January-February and June-July issues in an effort to help the bottom line . . The editorial duties in this reorganization plan will still be tightly controlled by his staff, no big changes there . . but the actual printing of the magazine will be down in Florida with a conglomerate who also prints a large group of well known magazines including The National Enquirer ! 

Times they are a changin' . . with all the stuff on the internet, and much of it free, it has hit the old " Girlie" magazines hard . . you haven't heard the term " Girlie magazines" used in a long time . . Yeah . . there were a lot of them, and Playboy was at the top, King of the Hill, since its inception . . with at least 25 imitators over the years.  What many people still do not know is that Hugh Hefner, personally chooses every one of the cartoon purchases . . Hef has always believed that the cartoon is a very important part of the magazine . . and has always stayed 'hip' and diverse in showcasing the very best cartoon art of the times . . reason that you see more and more BETTER ( Not GOOD-BAD, but BETTER ) " New Yorker " cartoonists than ever displaying their wares in this giant of a magazine.

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