Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Yorker reject/ Barron's sale

This is one of those cartoon ideas that you do about once every 10 days that you are POSITIVE will be bought by The New Yorker . . . You are absolutely positive, you can't almost sleep the night that you do it . . that is how excited you get . . at least I get that way because I've been rejected over 19,500 times from the New Yorker . . but I KNOW that some day they will drool over one of these and will NOT be able resist and one of the three gentlemen who makes the decision at The New Yorker will mutter something like . . " Look, let's give the poor bastard a break, before he has a nervous breakdown. Delgado's work IS and SHOULD be in our magazine, I don't care WHAT Pat Byrnes says . . Who the hell does HE think he is ?! - - saying Roy Delgado is not SMART enough to sell our magazine - - actually you don't HAVE to be that smart - - ain't that right, guys ? "

Anyway, it DID get rejected, so I shot it over to Barron's and they bought it quicker than Jeramiah Wright could say G.D America !

I wasn't really surprised though . . Sorry, sometimes it's hard to be humble. But I try, so help me God.

Anyway, I'm having a good time. Remember when Obama went to Warren's church when he was campaigning ? - - I had a nightmare the other night and dreampt ( or ir is it dreamed ) that Obama invited Jeramiah Wright, Joel Osteen, Billy Hargis, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for a beer at the White House. Man, I think I'm working too hard . . .


mark said...

i don't understand this cartoon. please explain.

mark said...

Hi Roy--

Oops. Last night I said I didn't get your cartoon. Now I think I do. These paintings are eye-antidepressants--sort of eye candy for the mind.

Roy Delgado said...

Mark, that's why I kinda liked it . . you know, how it goes . . sometimes The New Yorker likes stuff that is a little " out there " . . so that it makes you think you're on the "inside" . . you know, " hip", "cool" . . . thanks for your comment . .