Monday, September 7, 2009

New Yorker Cartoon You'll Never See ( In The NYer )

Here's a cartoon that we KNOW coulda-shoulda-woulda been in the New Yorker IF . . IF . . they woulda BOUGHT it ! . . Of course it woulda been sent as a greyscale drawing . . Woulda been nice in a Sipress rendition . . Or a Crawford style . . or a Cheney . . or a Sam Gross . . or the list goes on and on and on . . even in a soft pencil by P. Byrnes . . ANYBODY . . but Delgado, right ? But actually, what the hell do I know ? . . I'm just another statistic . . another guy who THINKS, ONLY THINKS his stuff belongs in The New Yorker . . The graveyard is FILLED with guys who, THINK, THINK, THINK THAT . . . Why do I torture myself this way ? Why don't I just quit . . . Maybe Pat Byrnes was right . . . Roy Delgado will never sell The New Yorker because he's not SMART enough . . like we are up here, he might be thinking . . We have real smart people up here like Blogojevich, Roland Burris . . the list is endless . . Jesse Jackson Jr. . .. . Bill Ayers . . Jeramiah Wright . . Oh yes . . Barack H. Obama . .


Anonymous said...

I think this is a VERY funny cartoon - perhaps they need to have more women on the NY selection team!

Roy Delgado said...

Hi Readthecartoonsfirstgal,

You have a great point . . in this age we're in . . . WHY NOT a female cartoon editor ? Again . . ( After all, they already had the gal from the U.K. as the first one awhile back ) And she did a great job ! Or, OR . . . you could go even further . .

Listen to this . . A high ranking person on the New Yorker Editorial staff already suggested to me about three years ago to submit my cartoons under a different name and tell them I was from Africa or somewhere, I guess, because the name " Roy Delgado " must be on a don't buy list, but I really don't think so . . ( Pat Byrnes' ranting got me thinking this way ) that is just my paranoia . . I even contemplated the thought of maybe I would go further and make up a name and tell them I was from Africa and that I was a left-handed Dutch albino who parts his hair down the middle, wears eye shadow, a socialist, my favorite music of all time was Puccini and Cowboy Copas . . . in other words, I figured, if they want diversity . . THERE, Top this !

The only reason I did not follow through is that it is extremely hard to hide your identity by simply signing another name to your drawing. Imagine a Roz Chast cartoon signed by a " Geraldine McGonigle " . . or a Sipress cartoon signed " Joe Doaks " . . it just doesn't work . . unless you are a genius like some of the early MAD cartoonists who would imitate Little Orphan Annie and you would swear it was a Harold Gray rendering only to prove that it was big joke.

The people who can do this are above my pay grade . . or I would do it.


P.S. By golly, There IS someone out ther reading this blog ! Now I KNOW ther are five people who do !