Saturday, August 15, 2009

Factoid #6

" Fallacy is an often plausible argument using false or invalid inference. "

Where in the hell was this wisdom before I was sold a bill of goods or ideas many times in my life and why am I just NOW being enlightened . . where the hell have I been ? ? Hel--l-ow . . . Anybody home ? ?

I honestly think that I am just NOW " Getting it " . . .

It's a little like the story of my life . . A day late and a dollar short . . but, hey, I'm not complaining, I know how to adapt . . like the great Niccolo Machiavelli taught, you MUST have the wisdom and skill and knowledge and willingness to adapt to what is confronting you, if you desire to succeed.

Like a guy that used to work for me by the name of Buck Boswell, he was a gambling racetrack-addicted talented journeyman signpainter, high school dropout, but one helluva competent truck lettering man . . He worked for me for 26 years . . and I learned and remembered this one observation that he had made about being a successful businessman, which was a 100% "truism" and has stuck in my mind for its marvelous truth.

The remark was always uttered made many times when we dicussed what was the main reason for the 95% failure rate of a new budding sign company which almost always collapsed, whether it was in a few weeks, or a few months or a few years . . these companies could never really figure out WHY they failed . . . most of them would say " I'm pretty good . . " . . " I can't figure it out " . .

Of course there can be and there are usually a miltitude of reasons of why they failed, BUT, BUT . . . This is the gem he would always utter . . ( Since he was one of the best in his field and so was yours truly, and we knew it, and THAT was why we were succeeding . . ) This was the gem that was not known by all of the " failures ".

Buck would utter:

" You don't know how good you have to be to know how bad you really are. "

Kind of reminds me what the great guru of many successful businessmen, Earl Nightingale said. He would advise for everyone to endeavor and strive and to become the top 5% in your field. Because if you DO, you would always have a job . . even during the Great Depression of the 30's . . . they STILL needed janitors, bricklayers, painters, signpainters or whatever trade you are in . . . These top 5% kept their jobs because their services were still needed . . . ie: not EVERYONE got layed off !

As everyone knows, of course there is always someone better than you . . . ( except maybe Mohammad Ali, right ? )

You can measure how much a machine is capable of producing, like a bricklaying machine, etc . . . but you cannot measure and do not know what a human being is able to create and you don't know how good you can become.

I say . . " GO FOR IT ! "

When we got to this place called " LIFE " . . I believe that we all have access to a " Storehouse of Abundance " which actually exists . . it is there . . ( Remember, Seek and ye shall find . . . knock and it shall be opened unto you . ) and you can choose to get all you want, and you can go to this "Storehouse" with a sieve or a teaspoon . . or like some people, come with a steamshovel . . because life doesn't CARE what you get . . you get what you got, because that is what you expected to get.

Things that you " want " from this Storehouse of Abundance can be either tangible OR intangible . . things to HAVE, or things to BE . .

Some people have a problem with trying to " make " a lot of money . . The good news is that you can GIVE it away ! ( End of problem )

Some people don't expect much . . and ' Life " kindly obliges.

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most people say: " I'll believe it when I SEE it. "

Unfortunately, like Dr. Wayne Dyer teaches . . they got it backwards . .

" See it and you will BELIEVE it ! "

Nuf sed.


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