Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Piers Baker Cartoonist

This machine and invention . . electricity . . numbers . . plusses and minuses . . the blog . . the internet . . networking . . geekery . . continues to fascinate me . . ( Can you just IMAGINE Socrates and Plato with a computer ? )
Something very strange just happened . . as I was posting the last blog, and I was about to press " PUBLISH BLOG " . . . when I told it to publish, I saw on my screen in full color the website for Piers Baker Syndicated Cartoonist . . then it quickly disappeared so I exitted ( one or 2 t's ? ) my blog. And then I punched in and went to a site called Piers Baker Syndicated Cartoonist from across the pond.

His Website appeared on my screen. I was delighted to visit a really great and talented cartoonist. I would urge anyone who is NOT familiar with this man's work to pay him a visit. ( How this happened I don't know, doesn't matter )
I'm sure a geek could explain this event . . but it DID freak me out for a moment.

I notice it never lands on a porn site !


Mike Lynch said...

Weird! Just this morning, the tiny Blogger "B" icon was, when I published something to MY blog, replaced for about 3-4 seconds with the small icon of Mark "Andertoons" Anderson's head from his blog. REally! And his blog is on Wordpress, not Blogger. It changed back, but it was scary. I thought Mark had bought Blogger for a sec. The Internets is hiccuping!

Roy Delgado said...

Funny thing about life, didja ever notice, once you ADMIT something stupid happens to you, and then at first are embarrassed to even waste someone's time to tell them about it and then you feel kinda humble and kinda proud that you ARE even going to VENTURE forth ant TELL someone about it . . all of a sudden, people come out of the woodwork telling you something similar . .

The only other similar thing that happened like this was about a year ago, when I was on my computer program coloring a drawing and having just finished 'wolfing' a double Wild Turkey and chasing it with a bottle of Coors . . I heard a PING, which was the familiar indication meaning "You've got mail " . .
I quickly went to my mail and there it was " From the Desk of Bob Mankoff . .
It went on to say . . " Roy, I like 5 of your recent drawings and I placed them in the basket for the other two collegues to review out of the 75 drawings I chose for this weeks ten we are going to buy . .

Unbelievably, Roy . . YES, we are going to buy all five ! This is a first in the magazine ! . . it was right about here my wife woke me up, shaking me, saying " What the hell is the matter with you . . You keep mumbling Mankoff, MANKOFF, . . they bought FIVE ! . . FIVE okays from The new Yorker ? . . What are you, NUTS ? "

Sometimes,I work too hard, my therapist told me to stay on the Lithium, and you shouldn't mix it with alcohol . .