Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Yorker Reject, Playboy Sale

So after I sent the cartoon batch to Playboy, I received a very quick reply, the letter shown here goes as follows,

May 18,2009

Roy Delgado
PO Box 1135
Petersburg WV 26847

Dear Roy,

OK for a two-column finish on:

" Now, you don't go to jail - - the government bails you out ! "

Thanks for the submissions, Roy. Hef mentioned that he'd like to get a
finish on this as quickly as possible so please send it to my attention just
as soon as you can.

Hope you're well !

All the best,

Amanda Warren
Editorial Coordinator


The funny thing is, I had originally executed this cartoon in color on my computer, but I mailed a grey wash-tone version to The New Yorker because most of their inside drawings are done in grey washes - - BUT, BUT, I had it all ready in a color version saved in my computer so that when Playboy, who would get second-look on THIS particular cartoon would buy it, I would be able to whip it back to them quickly - - - I just had that hunch on this one . . and my hunch was right. So, sorry, New Yorker . . . you DID get a chance and you blew it - - - again !

Sometimes, I find it very hard to be humble . . .

In early May I sent this cartoon to Mr. Mankoff AND Mr. Jacobs AND Mr. Remnick at The New Yorker Magazine all at one time, I sent it to all three at once because I didn't want them to miss out on THIS one. Although I've been wrong over 19,000 times . . most cartoonists will agree that my material does belong in the New Yorker. There is NO rational or subjective reason that can be explained to ANYONE WHY a lot of my cartoons are not in the magazine.

Anyway, after this was rejected from the New Yorker, I immediately mailed it to Playboy in Los Angeles . . . I KNEW, was POSITIVE it was a timely, great idea AND cartoon . . Absolutely POSITIVE ! I was happy, but not really surprised when I received the letter shown here from Hef's assistant.

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