Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Yorker Cover Satire

A few days ago, at the White House News Correspondents Dinner, President Obama on the podium had a few humorous gags . . one of the funnier ones that got quite a few laughs was when he said: ( I don't remember the exact words, they are not important, but the punch line is,) " The other night while I was in bed trying to sleep, I woke up, turned around and said to Brian - - - "

Of course he was referring to Brian Williams of NBC, who many in the public had made the accusation that NBC was in " bed " with the President because of what was perceived by many that NBC was hardly broadcasting any Obama/ Democratic negative stories and only mentioned "positive" stories - - - later independent research studies bore this out to be true.

The point here, is that President Obama went along with the perceptions and stories out there and was able to laugh at himself even though most of his followers would probably deny this.

President Obama is a very smart man and the fact that he is able to poke fun at himself, in my opinion, is very healthy. MOST people find this very difficult to do, I think that if they do, they think it will make their position harder to defend because they are admitting unfair play (?), and unfair play is only done by unfair people, etc. or maybe they're better off denying it ( Ignorance is bliss ) or ( don't confuse me with the facts )

It could also be because of the ego involvement, perhaps arrogance, or, I admit I don't know why, but I think it is healthy if done in the right way and at the right time, and in the right dose. I do know that any competent psychiatrist will tell you that it is unwise to take yourself too seriously. Any therapist will also say something like, " Take your WORK seriously, but not yourself seriously. The funny thing, many Liberal groups did not like it when President Obama did this. I think all of those people were not as smart as President Obama.

I respect President Obama for this and proves that he is broad-minded enough to do a gag on himself ( by not taking himself too serious ) and was able to have . . here's the magic word ,"EMPATHY" with his detractors - - and this way, he had the last laugh - - but it could also come off by his detractors as saying " HERE, I ADMIT IT, SO WHAT ? ! " Sharp guy. I would have loved to see him on The Firing Line with William Buckley, They could have sold it on cable and divided up the money between the two parties. Almost like the virtual Ali/Marciano boxing match that never actually happened.

Now that I've made my point - - - I think that The New Yorker magazine would do itself a GREAT favor and would gain the respect of even MORE followers if they would publish a cover something like this - - The effect would be exactly like President Obama's gag at himself . . the press was on it for days and days because it was the TRUTH but denied by many . . It made a lot of people laugh . . I think this one would too . . but I don't have my hopes up . . . Even if I didn't do the drawing . . give to Sam Gross or if you're ready for this, give it to David Mamet to draw up! Man oh Man, I think it's time for a double shot of 101 Wild Turkey , chased with an ice cold bottle of Coors Banquet Beer, and maybe a short Gran Marnier . .

" Life is too short to belittle. " ( Be little ) I love it !

In case you cannot read the lettering on the man's tee shirt, it reads:

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