Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a dog's world

This cartoon appeared in a Barnes Noble Dog Calendar a few years ago. I like dog and cat stuff, especially cat cartoons . . In my humble opinion, Sam Gross is the master of the cat cartoon.


Mike Lynch said...

Aw, it's a tie between Sam and Steph Piro!

Anonymous said...

Mike, You are absolutely right . . I got stuck on thinking about the "old timers" - - and Sam was doing cat magazine cartoons when Stephanie was two years old !

Actually, also there are " Booth cats ". And of course several others. And I KNOW Stephanie's cats have a huge following . . I know Donna Barstow LOVES her cats as many other cat affecionados do.

Let's hear it for cats!

I'd love to see a " Mankoff cat " or a " Bruce Eric Caplan cat ", wouldn't you ?

But that doesn't mean anything - - I don't remember seeing a " Chon Day cat " or a Gardner Rea cat ", do you ?

Roy Delgado said...

Hey Mike . . You are absolutely right ! What the hell do I know !