Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bob Mankoff on You Tube

I do enthusiastically recommend the You Tube pod cast interview: Authors@GoogleBobMankoff, it is entertaining and you can learn something valuable from it. The podcast explains why we laugh, and he does it in a very intelligent way. All in all, I would give it the full five stars.

One phrase really puzzled me, though, when he said " There IS such a thing as a GOOD bad drawing. "
( Although it is an oxymoron, it is understanding of why he had to say this to defend the magazine's policy to publish the inferior artists that abound in the magazine ) After all, this is the main complaint they get from the public, and by saying this, it explains it possibly as well as anyone could explain it. This gives him all the qualifications to run for a political office, a wonderful slick good silver tongue, smart, educated and can explain things clearly, very clearly.

If that is true, then, there is such a thing as a GOOD bad cooking, a GOOD bad movie, a GOOD bad You Tube Interview, A GOOD bad line of Bullcrap, A GOOD bad joke . . and if so, is there also such a thing as a BAD good drawing, BAD good cooking, BAD good movie, BAD good You Tube interview, a BAD good line of Bullcrap . . ad infinitum.

Maybe I have a GOOD bad blog . . or a BAD good blog ? What is BAD, WHAT is GOOD ? WHAT is VIRTUE ? VIRTUE ? Back to Socrates, I guess . . where I started.

That explains everything. Now it all makes sense. Now I see it! Now he just made it crystal clear ! All of a sudden I understand Picasso's woman and a mirror, I can understand The impossible Trident , quantum physics, pie are square, cake are round ! Cheese, it was there all the time . . It's not you . . it's ME ! I'm sorry . . I apologize.

On the PLUS side, I'm reminded of the old adage: " Those who know how, will always have a job - - - and those who know WHY, will always be their boss. "

nuf sed.

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