Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dis and Dat -

As I've commented in the past, you meet the nicest people in this business just like in any business, BUT, just like in EVERY business, as in life, there are always those few, those opiniated arrogant few people who assume they are an authority and actually BELIEVE their opinion counts ( MORE ). - - -

These are the bitter mean-spirited small percentage of misguided , smirking, flippant, derisive irrational morons, who, I think, actually BELIEVE they are being helpful and never have a nice thing to say about another person and who disguise their inferiority complex with a superiority complex and actually, honestly, BELIEVE their few press clippings ( That COULD be the problem ).

Someone, ( Besides SEINFELD ) once said " Living well is the best revenge. "

And I love what George Carlin used to say: " You ugly people know who you are. "

Enough negativity - - if the shoe fits, wear it. ( But try to stay under your rock )

THEN, today I get the an email from one of the good guys, The well-known cartoonist, JONNY HAWKINS. I've seen this guy's drawings around for a long time myself.

He says " Hi Roy, I've enjoyed your great cartoons over the years in an avalanche of publications ( I hope nobody was hurt ).

Just wanted to stop in and say , " Keep thinking and inking - your work has left a mark. " . . . have been cartooning for 23 years ( The last 19 years full-time ).

It's a crazy, unpredictable, rebellious living. I love it . . . except when it absolutely refuses to be loved.

Cheers - Jonny Hawkins
Sherwood MI

I wish Jonny continued success.


Chooch said...

I loved the line "derisive irrational morons" Classic line Roy!!

Roy Delgado said...

First, there was Cheech - - then Chong - -now CHOOCH ! I love it !
It's contemporary, hip and original with just a hint of the old term " Hootchy-Cootchy " ( Which I could not find in the dictionary !

I love words and that was the main focus of Socrates, especially the ambiguity of words.

Now I KNOW someone is actually out there reading this trivial blog !

Thanks for the comment.

All comments are welcome, even the annonymous ones . . .

I'm thinking of starting an ANNONYMOUS BLOG where no annonymous comments would be permitted ! Hey, I think I just stumbled on to something !