Friday, April 3, 2009

Recent National Law Journal cartoon

This drawing appears on page 23 in the National Law Journal, March 30, 2009 issue. Every time they send me a gratis copy there is ALWAYS a fascinating article or two I read and it keeps me up to what's going on so when I meet an attorney, I can bluff my way for the first 15 minutes of a conversation . . . by the time they find out I'm NOT an attorney it's TOO late .


Mike Lynch said...

Roy, are you using a computer for the gray tones here? Not that there's anything wrong with that ....

Roy Delgado said...

Hey Mike,
The grey wash tones in THIS cartoon WERE executed with the computer. The amazing thing with rendering with a computer program is that you can, if you so desire, can make the finish product look EXACTLY like it was NOT done with a computer ie: you can "add water, any amount, like you do with real water colors" using a hard brush, soft brush, air brush, charcoal, pencil, ink pen, mixed media, just like you do WITHOUT a computer.
And with 16 million colors and 256 shades of grey ( All retrievable on an instant's command ) it's awesome.

ANYTHING an artist can do WITHOUT a computer, an artist can do WITH a computer plus 100,000,000 other things and 100 times less stressful. AND more productivity is the gravy. Why in the hell I didn't discover the computer 15 years before I did is one of the big mistakes in my life. A lot more fun. Eventually, you can go completely paperless.

Don't you just love short answers ?

Best, Roy