Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lady Drivers and old B.S.

" The clerk at the motor vehicle bureau asked the lady applicant, " Have you ever driven before ? "
The lady said, " Fifty thousand miles - - but not from the front seat ! "



The women really got a bad rap in the old days. I guess you could get away with it for one reason, all the cartoon editors were men ! I guess there IS a little bit of truth to it maybe because men were usually the ones who drove the car for the family, they usually PURCHASED the car and DROVE the car. So the wife was usually the only other adult in the car, so it was OBVIOUS the maternal instinct would automatically kick in and she would watch for the family's safety, just in case the idiot driving didn't see what was about to happen.

The chinese guys ( now Asians, . . ALL the orientals in the movies were called " this chinese guy " ) in the movies were played by WASPS, the mexicans in the westerns were played by guys that COULD maybe look like a mexican, JOHN SAXON played a mexican in more than one movie. Marlon Brando in Viva Zapata ( After the make-up guys played with his nose and eyes ), Al Pacino in SCARFACE ( whose latino accent was BRILLIANT ). I saw an old western the other day where BARTON MacLANE played an indian.

Talking about stereotypes, about 30 plus years ago some idiot in Hollywood made a movie and the title was going to be: " NOBODY LIKES A DRUNKEN INDIAN "
Talk about stupidity, can you imagine a title being: " NOBODY LIKES A DRUNKEN IRISHMAN " or " NOBODY LIKES A DRUNKEN ENGLISHMAN ". Actually, " NOBODY LIKES A DRUNK " probably would have been a better title.

Anyway, needless to say, the film was released under a different title after a loud thumbs down in its pre-release hoopla.

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