Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Yorker Magazine cartoon satire

This cartoon was published on the cover of PROtooner cartoonists trade journal and on the cover The Gag Recap AND on the cover of my book of cartoons: " A Funny thing happened on the way to The New Yorker ". ( Broken up in a staccato chopped up blocky design version )

It seems to me, although I've been known to be naive, that The New Yorker SHOULD come out with a book of cartoons with this title. Humility has its virtue, I think ( KNOW ) MOST people take themselves too seriously. If you ask ANY competent psychiatrist or get a CONSENSUS of psychiatrists opinions: they will overwhelmingly agree that it is not wise to take oneself too seriously - - - HOWEVER, you should take your WORK seriously.

Does Mankoff look at this blog ? Probably not, but he SHOULD look at this blog - - Look at me when I'm talkin' to you - - A lot of the stuff you see here could be substituted for some of the cartoons in many issues of the magazine and no one would know the difference, and many times IMPROVE the issue - - - but not only MY material, - - I could easily mention a half-dozen or so cartoonists whose work SHOULD be in The New Yorker - - - Like just a few - - Mike Lynch, Dan Reynolds, Marty Murphy, Scott Masear, Harley Schwadron, Eli Stein, Donna Barstow - - this short list rolled out of my lips without even trying - - and there are MORE .

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