Saturday, January 3, 2009

The " NEW " Yorker magazine

I had a dream last night about a NEW magazine called simply " YORKER " magazine. It was a great success . . It was a parody of the real New Yorker magazine. ( Looked EXACTLY like The New Yorker magazine )

Although this HAS been done, the best one I saw was by the great Connecticut cartoonist WALT SATTLER , whom I had the pleasure to meet several years ago for lunch. At a quick glance you thought you were reading The New Yorker . . ALL the cartoons were, ( you THOUGHT ), by the usual regular suspects, I remember one cartoon that I thought was a CHON DAY drawing, but actually a clever imposter by SATTLER. Even the " LOOK " of the magazine was there from front page to the last page ! It was truly a masterpiece and funny and clever.

Anyway, this magazine in my dream, " YORKER " was a huge success and EVERYONE was talking about it.

The whole thing became more confusing because everyone was referring to it as the new " YORKER " magazine. Of course it got confused in conversation with The New Yorker magazine.

All the conversations concerning the magazine began to sound like an " ABBOTT and COSTELLO WHO'S ON FIRST " routine.

To confuse everything even further, they hired a cartoon editor by the name, ( So help me GOD ) of ROBERTO MINGKOFF, A distant relative of CHEECH ( or CHONG, probably CHONG ) . The guy had shoulder length hair and sported a neatly trimmed beard and wore two-thousand dollar Brooks Brothers suits and began a hugely successful cartoon agency called ' Le Cartoon Banque '. ( A subsidiary of the new " YORKER " magazine ) . . . .
( Eventually bought out by WAL-MART ! )

It was right about here I woke up up from this night terror . . my wife said, you're working too hard and too long. Forget about cartooning ! Forget about The New Yorker ! No, not the new " YORKER " . . " The New Yorker " ! Why don't you try writing poetry or try being a stand-up comic or change your name LEGALLY to your doofus doppelganger PETER PLUMB.., AH'H, there is an idea !

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