Saturday, January 17, 2009

National Lampoon Cartoon

Here's a cartoon which appeared in a recent cartoon softback called ; National Lampoon's Greatest Cartoons of the 21st Century . . Lotsa edgy cartoons by Dan Reynolds ( Who did a beautiful color cartoon for the cover ), Buck Jones, Mike Baldwin, Marty Bucella, Dan Collins, Steamy Raimon, Geoff Hassing, Rod McKie, Bob Zahn, Dan Rosandich, Joe Kohl, Fran Orford and many, other great cartoonists.


Mike Lynch said...

Great cartoon, Roy. So paranoid, but it could be true!

Roy Delgado said...

Mike, I used to have a Palestinian guy working for me, he'd invite me over to his house to eat . . I remember the FALAFEL, RICE WITH PINE NUTS, BAKLAVA . . GREAT FOOD !
You're right, kinda paranoid . . but I guess it COULD be a good tip to direct you in the right direction ( if you're a CIA man ) especially if you were in the mountains of BORA-BORA, following the smell could lead you to the cave of OSAMA BIN LADEN . . collect the 25 million dollar reward . . BUY the NEW YORKER, then you could buy your own cartoons ! Think about that !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Roy.
If you want to hear a weird story about how my work got on the front of that cover, email me.