Saturday, October 25, 2008

Medical Economics Cartoon

Here's a drawing that appeared on page 81 of the 2006 issue of MEDICAL ECONOMICS in a department in the back of the magazine called LAST LAUGH. Dave Carpenter, Harley Schwadron and another cartoonist whose signature you can't read . . something like ALDRIDGL were also featured. ( You wonder, why would someone sign a piece of art with a signature you can't read ? The ONLY way that makes any sense IS: If you get VERY,VERY famous, it doesn't matter what your signature looks like or whether you can read it or not . . in fact it becomes a conversation point and perhaps an allurement. (?) Actually, there are no rules for this . In fact, if I was so smart and so knowledgeable I'd be higher up and probably more successful in this business . . it's just my humble opinion.

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