Sunday, September 14, 2008

Harvard Business Review Cartoon

This drawing appears on page 91 of the new September issue of this prestigious magazine . . they devoted a half page to it and it really does justice to the sketch.

I always enjoyed the full-page cartoons they USED to do in The New Yorker and of course you still see in Playboy. Actually, as for the New Yorker, there isn't as much need for they would not be appreciated to print a huge cartoon of so many ugly drawings they use now . . in fact, many of the new wave of cartoonists should have their work printed even smaller, as far as many people are concerned. SIZE in this case matters, because it's a visual thing . . remember, many of these ugly, amateurish drawings are produced by WRITERS attempting to draw.

In my opinion, writers should write, and continue to hone their skill.
cartoonists should cartoon and continue to hone THEIR skills to become as good as they can be. The same for nuclear scientists, shoemakers, shirtmakers, skiers, skaters.

Of course it's okay to try your hand in other fields that interest you, but, man, once you see that you're wasting your time, MOVE ON . .
for God's sake . . there is nothing wrong with failing at something new .
At least you TRIED . . Now get the HELL out of the way . . You wonder, is it the fault of this poor sap which keeps producing CRAP or is it the fault of the EDITORS buying and publishing this CRAP ?

No need to mention names . . as George Carlin used to say . . " You ugly people know who you are ! "

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