Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turkey Soup for the Soul

Recently, a pretty good writer that I know sent me an email saying that things were bleak, because his writing was not producing the results he was expecting and was entertaining the thought of maybe hanging it up. . . (or at least, that was the'gist ' 0f it. ) He told me that maybe he needed a little pep talk about now and wanted me to tell him something that might help. I thought for a while and sent the following email reply to him:

It is no doubt a tough business. It is a HARD business . . but it's not TOO hard. No one ever said it was going to be easy. Then I gave him one of my favorite " Gold Nuggets " :

" The successful man lengthens his stride when he discovers the signpost has deceived him; the failure looks for a place to sit down. " ( J.R. Rogers )

The most important thing, I think, people fail to realize is that ( in my case ) I draw because I HAVE to draw, and I have to draw because I WANT to draw . . . . even if there was no such thing as money . . I would STILL be drawing !

I have a PASSION for drawing . . I have my eyes firmly fixed on the prize . . . you must want it so bad you can TASTE it . . you are willing to work for free . . walk on glass . . you must go after what you want with the trenchant zeal of a crusader . . . IF YOU CAN SAY " YES " to the above, then you have what it takes . . If you have to think about it or hesitate in any way, then, I can't help you any more.

I think my United States Marine Corps training helped.

I like the latest Marine Corps recruiting commercial . . " We're not taking applications, we're looking for COMMITMENTS. " Then I said, I don't know if any of this helps . . I've tried to be honest . . but all of this is my quick 'take' on the subject. . . I can only tell you what works for me.

Respectfully, Your collegue and friend, Roy Delgado

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