Monday, June 9, 2008

Jerry Marcus - 1979 sketch

This drawing was done shortly after Orlando finished his sketch in my drawing pad on the same day. I always thought Jerry's approach to magazine cartooning, both in drawing style and gag content were a natural New Yorker kinda thing. I always thought, as in the case of Sam Gross also, they were years ahead of their time.
The drawing he did above was one, he told me later that lurked in his head and propped up from time to time because he always felt it should've been bought by The New Yorker.
I have to agree.

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Dan Beyer said...

Hey Roy - This made me look Marcus up on Cartoonbank and he apparently only had 8 cartoons accepted. Only one or two actually made it in the mag. It goes to show you how difficult it is to get published by the NY'er even after you've been initially given an ok.