Monday, March 10, 2008

Brand New Medical Economics Cartoon

There's a guy in my town I see at the post office with a beard like this . . I try not to stare, but it's not easy . . If I don't pay any attention to him, I'm afraid he might say: " Hey, don't you see this huge beard ? . . Don't tell me you didn't notice it ! " . . . and if you do stare at the extra long, scraggly, strange beard, he might say;\: " Hey, what the hell are YOU staring at ? ! " The way people are so touchy these days you're afraid he might have an AK-47 under that black trench coat . . . What's the best thing . . AVOID EYE CONTACT ?

Question to you out there . . HOW DO YOU HANDLE THIS ? Let's get some opinions !


Bear said...

Well, I try not to stare, but if called on it, I have been known to just give a really creepy grin back and say nothing. That usually fends off the hoi polloi.


Roy, I would have said :"What a cute puppy on your face."