Monday, October 8, 2007

Harvard Business Review Cartoon

This drawing appeared in the April 2004 issue on page 93. What was extra nice, it was printed as a half-page in the back of the book. In 2004 I was working a little different. I was using a finer pen for my roughs ( like a Uniball Deluxe Micro Writing Pen over a light board ). When the drawing was completed, I would go over most of the lines with a sharpened General Charcoal Pencil, 4B or 6B, extra-soft, to soften th drawing. I then applied the gray wash-tone effects by smudging areas using my fingers and/or tortillion sticks of various sizes. Then I would spray it with Clear Matte Fixative. I was always a great fan of Whitney Darrow Jr. and I think, subconsciously this process was influenced somewhat by his work.

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