Saturday, May 8, 2010

SatEvePost cartoons - Roy Delgado

The four cartoons here appear in the latest May-June issue of The Saturday Evening Post Magazine.

Lately, they have started to use color in their cartoons .

After receiving the four okays, they requested the finish art in color so using my trusty Corel PaintShopPro11, I colored them on the computer.  I then printed 8-1/2 x11copies on Kodak heavy matte paper and mailed them out.  

This Corel program is fairly easy to use and would recommend it.  And although I have only mastered 10% of the commands, it seems to be enough for a computer novice like myself to do pretty neat finished color cartoons !

I used to have a guy working for me that used to love to say ( When things were going smooth and the money was steady streaming in ) - - - " YOU CAN'T LOSE WITH THE STUFF WE USE ! " - - - I love it - - -

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