Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leatherneck cartoon 2010

This drawing appears on page 24 in the March issue.

 It's good to be back on a pretty regular basis inside LEATHERNECK, Magazine of the Marines.
I sold my first cartoon to them while in the Marines, stationed on Okinawa in 1956, later on I ended up at Marine Barracks ( The showplace of the Corps ) in Washington D.C. and in July, 1958 I sold a double-page spread all about cartoons with the Fourth of July as a theme.  Back then, they would feature one cartoonist for this regular feature and they would assign a double-truck to you.  I distinctly remember, they paid $125.00 for the double-page, it wasn't bad money back then.

By the time I got to Washington, D.C., Staff-Sergeant Gordon Bess was no longer the cartoon editor and the duties had gone to a fine artist-illusrator by the name of Bill Machin, who also did some cartoons for the magazine.  I remember visiting the magazine on a Saturday in person, while a Sergeant at Marine Barracks.  Got to meet everybody at the magazine . . . off and on I've been a contributor and now I'm back in kinda steady or as the juices flow in that vein.

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