Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Legion Magazine cartoon

Here is a drawing that appears on page 72 of the March 2009 issue of American Legion.  Original was submitted as a black and white and as they only publish color cartoons, they requested a colored version and bingo, with my trusty Corel PaintShopPro 9 program it was quickly rendered in living color.  Then I printed it on Kodak premium heavy matte photo paper and USPS mailed it.

I've upgraded and tried both PaintShopPro X AND XI, but I like the 9 version the best so I use it most of the time.  Jerry King told me he likes PhotoShop 4 and now they must be way up to about 15 but if a less complicated version suits you best, use what you feel comfortable with is the name of the game I guess.

 Jerry tells me also that he draws with a pencil only, and then scans it as a black and white and then you can either print it as a black and white ink drawing for submission and then since it's saved in your computer, you can retrieve it when you want to color it or give it some grey wash tones, or whatever . . .

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