Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cartoon of the month

Am I wrong to assume that this cartoon, if it was published in the New Yorker, people would believe it belonged in the magazine?  

I have already proven this twice, I had another cartoonist who agreed to go along with the prank . . it would have to be a cartoon that the regular NYer cartoonist AGREED to submit, redrawn and submitted by him.  In BOTH cases, the Nyer ( unknowingly ) bit . . although I got personal satisfaction, and proved my point, I promised that I would not divulge the " secret " until either his demise or I would release the name in an envelope I have in my safe.   AND, also, after my demise too. . .  and only if HE passes away first.  I keep my word.  He knows that.  ( Like Pres. Gerald Ford did recently in his post-portem publication of his book, " Write when I'm gone ". )

We hadn't even planned to divulge this much . . right now . . .  We agreed that we would not even tell anyone the fact that we had ever met, ( as that is the only way it would work ) but what the hell . . .
Someone told me recently that I would have to DOCUMENT this for it to be believed . . . he's probably right . . but right now, it is not my problem . . I know, You know, they know that not only my work, but there are at least a half dozen cartoonists whose work we have all seen that belong in the magazine . . sad . . . The only way we would divulge the secret is if we both agreed in writing AND for a sum of $1,000,000, ( in GOLD ).

Man, I'm having  so much fun, that I think people think I'm cheating . . or lying . . .  OR they think I'm a brick shy of a load . . I hope it's not the latter.

Nuf sed . . .

Originally. THIS cartoon you see here would have been the THIRD one they probably would have bought, ( remember, after two in a row, we were batting 1000. )  but we agreed instead, to reveal it here and tell PART of this interesting and true story.

I get my kicks on Route 66 . . .


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