Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cartoon of the day

This really reminds me when I was  a kid, growing up in Tucson, Arizona - - - I lived just about two and a half blocks from downtown - - - at 218 North Third Avenue ( the house has since been razed ) two and a half blocks away on Congress Street was the first theatre, the Rialto, changed to the Paramount in the late
 40's - - - then up the street on the right was the State, which showed mostly B movies, cheap westerns - - - then another block up on the right was the nicest theatre in town, the Fox, then another block on the right was the Lyric theatre, also second run and cheap low budget films - - - directly across the street was the Plaza, the one Spanish speaking movie house in town.  I think I went there once, and after about a half hour, couldn't understand a word they were saying, I left.

The reason, I think I saw a lot of films as a youth was  1., because of the proximity to the theatres and as a kid, I always thought the food was pretty good, hot dogs, buttered pop- corn, Bon-Bons ( You got five ice cream balls, about the size of a large marshmallow, vanilla and strawberry ice cream  covered in a chocolate coating - - - man, we went to EAT and see a movie - - - the food was just as important as the movie . . .  I thought it didn't get any better than this - - - The Rialto charged twelve cents for a movie ( 12 and under ) and the State gave you TWO movies for only 10 cents ! - - - The Fox cost 20 cents and the Lyric theatre was about 12 cents, and they showed two movies many times.


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