Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Gag Recap cover cartoon - April 2006

This drawing graced the cover of the trade journal, it was one of about a dozen I'd done for the magazine, poking fun at the state of the New Yorker cartoon scene . . all of the material I used in these gags were either stuff I heard repeated by other cartoonists in cartoonists' get-togethers or obvious gags . . . more or less, for lack of a better word, were actually gossamers . . .  not anything that was personal or libelious, I would think, just satire for satire's sake, and to most cartoonists, they thought they were funny . . . you could tell by the mail that came in to the magazine and to two personal phone calls I received coming to my defense from cartoonists I had never met, after an award-winning New Yorker cartoonist from Chicago wrote an arrogant, stupid narrow-minded rant of a letter saying ( as if he was the authority ) that " Roy Delgado is not smart enough to sell to The New Yorker ."  ( You wanna bet ? ) According to him, because of the way I was ''assaulting" the magazine . . . He-ll-o-w-w . ., anyone home ? ( Hell, he's assaulting ME ! ) , I think he drinks  from the same punch bowl that Jeramiah Wright, Father Pfleger, Bloggo, Bill Ayers and people in that same neighborhood do . . it must be the water . .  

 ( Actually, YOU will never be my friend, because of the way you are assaulting me, moron. ).  You meet the nicest guys in this business . . Well, the overwhelming people you meet in this business are normal talented pretty good guys . . in fact they are a cut above most people . .  As they say in the Marine Corps . . there's always that 10% . . . ( They used to say 4% ) 

Well, if anyone out there has seen the movie " Taken" . . . I'm the Ex-CIA guy who is going to save his daughter . . . sooner or later you run into a guy like me . . . moron. . .

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