Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cartoon of the day

Having been in business for 26 years with my own sign/graphics organization ( Roy Delgado & Associates, Delgado Signs, Inc., 1975-2002 ) in the nation's capital, I have to say it layed out a great foundation for the genre of cartooning I now specialize in: The Business world of humor.  Over the years, in my sign manufacturing business I was involved with hiring and firing issues, board meetings with city planners in securing city and county permits and famous architectural environmental design firms for the planning of national sign programs for Fortune 500 companies, salesmen, both trying to be sold something and me trying to sell something . . employee relations, union issues . . etc. . . this experience in my life has given me a real insight to the real world of business that most people do not ever get that entrenched in . . and do not really understand.  I'm glad for evey minute of it . . a book could be written on it . . it would have made for a GREAT Reality Show . . . I can see it now . . " ANATOMY OF A SIGN SHOP - The Delgado Sign Story " . . . I Plan to talk about it a little in future blogs . . even if I just took one emplooyee at a time, introduced them to you and tell you about them is entertaining in itself . . of course, the names will have be changed to protect the innocent, and to protect MY butt from getting sued !



Eli Stein said...

That's Wikipedia, Roy, not Wikopedia. You may want to change your caption.

Roy Delgado said...

Eli - As usual, you're right, and I'm wrong. You're a good man to have around . . good "detail" man. By the way, I heard there's a job opening up at The New Yorker offices as a " Fact-Checker " . . You may want to look in to it . . and while you are there, you might consider trying to slip in some of your cartoons into the "YES" basket for the other two editors to " OKAY " . . who knows . . ? And if it works, slip in some of mine. ( I won't tell anybody )

You can "rationalize" to your conscience and say that actually our stuff BELONGS in The New Yorker, right ? OR you can say it was all MY fault . . or better yet, say it was all George Bush's fault !

I'm going to leave this one misspelled on the blog, but I'll correct the original before I send it out . . . Thanks, Eli . .

At least I know that YOU, and Dan, and Van are looking at my blog . . even Garry Trudeau commented on my blog . . . Now, if only Bob Mankoff or Barry Obama or IMUS, or Van Jones, or Anita Dunn or Glen Beck, or Lou Dobbs or somebody like that would chime in once in a while, that would be neat . . . Whoever said " It's lonely at the top " . . was right. ( Just kidding ).