Monday, October 5, 2009

Larry Fine's Birthday today, Oct. 5

TODAY, October 5th, we should bow our heads for a few moments to honor Larry Fine, of The Three Stooges fame.

Every Stooge fan has his favorite. ( The pronown " his " is used deliberately here, since it's well known that women just don't get - - or even like The Stooges. )

Larry Fine is the closest to being "normal " . . . Larry is the superego that strives for organization and peace.

He was born Louis Feinberg in Philadelphia in 1902.


Gary said...

Larry has always been my favorite stooge. Just watch his facial expressions throughout any episode. They're priceless!
Gary Z.

Roy Delgado said...

Hey Gary . . I DO like Larry a lot . . but over the years SHEMP grew on me and took over as my favorite Stooge . . A few months ago Bob Costas, the sports newscaster was on The Larry King Show and they got to talking about The three Stooges and Costas turned out to be a HUGE Three Stooges fan and he stated that in HIS opinion, SHEMP was the most ubderated Stooge . . SHEMP
was HIS favorite and I love SHEMP and he became MY favorite.

dan reynolds said...

I'm a Curly fan, myself. He died young and all the other Curly fillers just didn't have it.
Shemp was one of the ORIGINAL three Stooges. Most people don't know that. It's true.
SHemp, Moe, and Curly were all brothers in real life. Larry Fine was a 1st cousin.
I grew up on the Stooges when their stuff started showing on TV. Every Sunday. I still ove their stuff. It never gets old.

Gary said...

There are many (as Dan states above) that feel like no one could replace Curly. Where I think he was the best in that role, I definitely feel Shemp did it just as well (but in his own way). Dan is correct, Shemp was one of the original Stooges when he, Moe and Larry worked with Ted Healy. Curly replaced Shemp when Shemp wanted to move on on his own. However, if you take away Larry, the Three Stooges could never be the Three Stooges. "Hey,...!"
"Excuse me partner, is that the sun up there?"
"I don't know, I'm a stranger in town. "