Sunday, October 18, 2009

Customer wants cartoon with ' New Yorker feel ' - - comes to Delgado

This item from the " For what it's Worth Dept. " . . This is the second time in my life that something very interesting like this has happened. ( from Canada ) is a Cartoon Agency, similar to Cartoon ( from the U.K. ) and The Cartoon ( from NY ) . . . in which case, I inquired years ago about possibly being included in the Cartoon Bank, but since I never heard back from them, I believe that they only represent " New Yorker Cartoonists " . . or at least I have come to assume that . .

By the way, both the Artizans and The Cartoon Stock ( Who claim to be the world's largest ) people are comprised by real professionals who know how to charge appropriately, and I would recommend them both. It is an excellent way to bring in extra income from all those rejects on the shelf, or in a cardboard box.

I received a very interesting email last week from Artizans. A cartoon buyer had approached the Artizans agency and wanted to request a special cartoon the corporation wanted to use in a mailing, it was an inside joke type of thing and the customer was shown a lot of cartoon styles to choose from the Artizans files. To quote the email: " The client was very keen in his inquiry that the image have a ' New Yorker ' feel to it ."

It so happened he liked my cartoon from Artizans files about Santa shown here ( For the style ).

And the good part, I didn't have to think, he already had the idea ! ( He went on to explain that the idea had to do with the city council in his city holding up funds and that they decided to stop working and take a recess and pick up later where they left off, and since something like this had never been done like this before, it was indeed a hot news item in the local papers ).

I drew up a rough, and although it only had to be in black and white greyscale, I got carried away and did it in color, because I found out that when you turn a color drawing into a greyscale image, it comes out beautiful. And this would give him a choice, since I had a little time before starting a big job, I went ahead and rendered it in color ( on my computer program, it's almost the same work to do it in color ) The job went as smooth as silk. He ended up liking the color. The client was happy, Artizans was happy and I was happy. ( Actually, I got the biggest kick because, again, when someone wants a " New Yorker " cartoon, they come to ME . . . ! The artist gets 75% in this case and turned out to be approximately in line with a major magazines rate, ($400.00. )

I learned in business a long time ago that it is always a good idea to give more than expected, and that goes if you are an employee or in your everyday relations for that matter . . that's why you see all of those infomercials screaming . . "and that's not all ! . . or . . " . . And wait, there's MORE ! . . "

It works, period. You see ORECK, the vacuum cleaner guy GIVING you a hand held vacuum cleaner free AND a STEAM IRON FREE, that you can keep, even if you return the vacuum cleaners because you don't like them . .

The lesson or moral of the story . . if you want a " NEW YORKER " cartoon . . go to Roy Delgado . . . Right ? . . Is this rational ? . . Is it based on reason and fact ? . . . I wonder if Bob Mankoff reads this blog . . . H-m-m-n ? Am I nuts or delusional . . . All this is just confusing . . Look, I'm just a guy drawing pitchers 'n writin' gags 'n havin' a good time . . The 800 lb. gorilla in the room . .

I'm having more fun than a man oughta be allowed to have and still be legal . . . I don't know what to tell you .

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