Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cartoon of the month

This cartoon, fresh off the drawing board five minutes ago will walk you through its history, live as like TruTV, tomorrow it will go ( hard USPS mailed ) to The New Yorker Magazine, along with about 7 other "gems", that in my opinion, "belong" in the magazine, especially this one , I am mailing it to the three editors "shot-gunned" to make sure all three see it at the same time . . I've been doing this for about six months now . . as an experiment . . . I'm sure by now one of the three have bumped into one another by the water fountain or at lunch perhaps or when just small-talking about cartoon submissions, by now one of them has probably said something like:  " You know that poor bastard Delgado keeps sending me his work . . He just DOESN'T get it . . actually, though, SOME of his stuff IS good for our magazine, but I'M not sure as hell gonna be the guy who'll TOUCH this guy's stuff . . The man is TOXIC . .  I'm AFRAID of this nut job . . "  There's no telling what will happen IF we bought one of his cartoons . .  You know, it's almost embarrassing to our profession . . . actually, we have NO valid reason that holds ANY water as to WHY we do not buy this guy's work . . thank God we can always say something like: " Sorry, Roy, you are a GOOD cartoonist, but your stuff isn't QUITE RIGHT for The New Yorker . . ( Man, can't you just let it go with that, then quit submitting, like everyone else and ride off into the sunset ?   Look, that doesn't mean you're a bad guy . . there AIN'T no good guys, ain't no bad guys, there's just you and me . . . how does that go ? 

Right about now, you are becoming a pain in the ass . . . Look, it's not the end of the world . . just quit sending . .  like all your buddies who HAVE quit sending and telling you, almost begging you too, to stop sending so you can be a loser too like the rest of us . . can't you see, it's rigged . . . THERE AIN"T GOING TO BE NO MILLION-MAN MARCH . . No, not THIS time . . . Enough, already, enough is enough . .  I don't want to hear one more time you've been rejected 20,000 times from The New Yorker . . NOBODY CARES . . He-L-LoW-W ?  Can't you get the DRIFT ?  H-M-M-N ?  That's it !


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