Friday, September 18, 2009

Cartoon of the week

The situation here is something you might see in a " New Three Stooges " movie, I'm a sucker for this crap. I still think there could be " The New Three Stooges " . . they could be a real diverse group . . a WASP, an Asian, an African-American and an illegal alien ( The surprise would be that the illegal alien was from Australia ). Maybe it wouldn't be such a great idea after all . . . I don't know . . . Kramer ( of Seinfeld ) could be a half-brother of the Australian who would come in and out of the scripts . . . and of course you'd have to have a spot for Newman and maybe Costanza . . and Costanza's father . . Wow ! Ratings !


dan said...

I like it.

Roy Delgado said...

At least I know there is at least ONE person looking at this . . . thank you, Dan .

dan reynolds said...

The life of a cartoonist, isn't it Roy?