Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cartoon assignment /1953 Art School

I ran across this musty old drawing in an old map file the other day and it brought back memories . . I remember clearly like it was just the other day . . I hadn't been at art school in Los Angeles for more than a month when Billy Hon asked us all in class on a Friday to work over the weekend and come up with the following versions of cartoons in your styles . . and then he came up with descriptions of scenes he wanted us to draw . . this one I remember . . he said: draw a bunch of kids maybe in an empty lot horseplaying with each other . . maybe fighting or whatever . . . We each had large 11 in. x 21 in. sheets of nice 2 ply bristol drawing paper that he supplied . . It was exciting . . I worked over the weekend on the assignment . . and when Monday came . . I turned mine in and it came to be that out of about 40 students, only TWO of us had done the homework . . I said to myself . . unbelievable . . I mean, we're all heare because we WANT to be here, isn't it ? . . . this incident repeated itself several times . . I guess I was SERIOUS and the others weren't . . I don't know . . . I had read somewhere that this is NOT a rehearsal . . THIS IS the Super Bowl . . . Right ?

Like Paul Meyer said: " Show me what someone pays 'A-TEN-SHU'N' TO . . and I'll tell you what his " IN-TEN-SHUN " is. "

More or less, I think it is a truism . .

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