Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Yorker Reject

Here is a cartoon that belonged in the New Yorker way back around 10 years ago when I first sent it to them . . this one was rejected as were over 19,000-20,000 other cartoons . . this one cartoon I always liked, which is rare for me . . I quit counting . . . Bob Barnes told me in 1954 at the Carolina Pines Restaurant on Melrose Avenue in LA-LA land that he was never satisfied with his work, and it was rare that he DID complete a cartoon that he really liked . . I guess I'm in pretty good company. I feel the same way.

Others in that gabfest that night was ALI ( Al Isler ), Burr Shafer ( Never could spell his name ). Jim Williams, and the very handsome Phil Interlandi. I was only 18 at the time, but I DO remember Phil Interlandi had a couple of good looking waitresses giving him the eye all night . . And I remember Bob Barnes telling me after looking at a few of my cartoons that he had no doubt in his mind that if I kept at it and did not give up, that I would some day sell the majors . . I was only 18 at the time and I was too dumb to know any better . . so I believed him . .

The moral of the story . . be careful what you hope for . . you might get it ! . . Thank You Bob Barnes, wherever you are.

This cartoon ended up and appeared in Barron's . . which at that time was getting second looks after The New Yorker, which I was POSITIVE I was on the verge on connecting there at any moment. Every time I send a batch there, I think the same thing . . When will I take the hint ?

A better question is, when will Jacob Lewis, David Remnick and Bob Mankoff finally cave in and buy a cartoon from me . . WHEN . . ? WHEN . .? ARGH-H . . WHEN ? ! . .

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