Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Delgado Cartoon Book in the works

This new softcover 8x8 inches, will have a laminated color cover and approximately 196 pages with black and white cartoons in the interior. Many cartoons will be reprints from a wide array of general magazines and will include a nice selection of Roy's favorites on the inside. The book will be humor for the family and will be available at Walmart stores. Look for it in the winter of 2010.

Roy guarantees that if you do not break out at least ten times with a healthy hearty bellylaugh while enjoying the book, he will double your money back and quit drawing altogether and join ACORN. ( and move to Chicago )

Also included in the book will be an interesting interview by Dr.Peter Plum, PhD., a well known Brit who is also a cartoonist, barrister and therapist, originally from Birmingham, ( not Alabama, but the U.K. ) and is currently living in the United States. Dr. Plum was a student of cartooning under the tutelage of Roy Delgado.

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