Friday, August 28, 2009

Marty Murphy passes away

I just now received an Email from Judy, a neice of Marty Murphy, that my long time friend and collegue, passed away approximately 24 hours ago . . no other details were given . . . Strange thing, I was tentatively planning on a west coast trip this year . . and visit MM.

I first met Marty back in 1991 . . while visiting my son who had just been released from the U.S. Army active duty.

I remember my friend, Bob Weber Sr., who was a very close friend of Marty from way back when the Webers lived for a short while in the valley . . had arranged a meeting with Marty and me at the Hilton, where I was staying . . in Encino, off Ventura Blvd.

Marty was kind enough to come over to the hotel, and we met in the restaurant. I remember him exchanging a lot of stories after lunch and a few drinks . . A still have this great cartoon he drew for me in the trusty sketch pad I always carry with me.

Marty was well known for his many cartoons dipicting a hollywood tycoon in his office of Monument Pictures or something . . . interviewing some gorgeous ditzy blonde or something . . I used to adore those guys he drew . . they looked EXACTLY like a hollywood producer was supposed to look like . . or like you imagined or pictured a cartoon of him . . I asked him to draw one of those stereotypes for me and I've got it right here . .


Nelson said...

How very sad. I didn't know him well, but chatted with him a couple months ago.
We did a lot of work for the same mags -- CARtoons and Hot Rod cartoons.
A great cartoonist and a truly nice person.

Donna Barstow said...

Roy, Just saw that Nelson wrote this on the Wisen, which as you know, I don't like, but someone wrote on Nelson's FB, so it's been a round about way to find out this horrible news.

The only problem he had was a bad hip. I wonder what happened. I feel terrible.

Can you give me Judy's email? No one answers his phone, and there's no way to leave a message. I don't know who's at his house...

takemywordsforit @ sbcglobal .net (all together)