Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cartoon of the week

I often wonder what the expression on the thug's face would be if you tried this ? - - Gosh, I'd like to see someone try it. You could sell tickets if you had a one-way mirror somehow set up . . you could have the victim in a nice $2000.00 Brooks Brothers suit dressed like the sales manager in the Glen Gary Glen Ross film, Alec Baldwin . . . The victim could be loitering around like he's waiting for someone . . glancing at his watch from time to time . . pacing around near the dark alley . . sooner or later . . a fish comes up with a gun or a knife or a screwdriver . . THEN, out jumps the guy behind the camera and says . . " Smile ! . . You're on Candid Camera ! "
Any volunteers ?

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