Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cartoon of day

This cartoon was just sold to Leathernck Magazine yesterday. I sold my first work to the mag way back in 1957 while stationed with the Marines in Okinawa . . . . I had sent a batch of seven and the then Cartoon Editor, Staff-Sergeant Gordon Bess said he wanted to buy two, and enclosed a check. Said they liked to buy from Marines at the time. I went on to appear sporatically throughout the years in the magazine. After his stint with the Jarheads, Gordon Bess went on to sell a comic strip called REDEYE to King Features . . last I heard, Mell Casson was doing the strip for King, and has been fairly successful.

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Greg said...

Hey Roy, I just spoke with the editor (Walt Ford), and he brought up your name along with another cartoonist who's been in Leatherneck quite often. I didn't catch it, but it started with a "K" and sounded Polish. Any clue who he might have been talking about?