Monday, July 20, 2009

Shannon Wheeler Cartoonist

Shannon Wheeler is one of the top editorial cartoonists in the country. I am a fan of his work. His cartoons appear everywhere. His style is contemporary, unique and as far as I'm concerned, belongs in The New Yorker. I see he is widly syndicated and I see his work at Daryl Cagle's site.

Shannon, for some reason, I couldn't reply in the comments box ( I tried four times ) to answer your question in what appeared to leave you hanging regarding my experience with The Nu Yawkuh. I had covered it in more detail in an earlier blog . But, Email me if you wish and I'll tell you ( As Paul Harvey used to say: ) " The REST of his story. "

I couldn't find a quick way to get in touch with you so I had to resort to this way. ( We are living in a brand new paradigm )

Roy Delgado

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