Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roy Delgado Sign Studio ( Origin of, 1975 )

In October, 1975 in Falls Church , Virginia I began Roy Delgado's Sign Studio on the second floor of an office building. It began as a solo operation . . where I was the CEO, Sales Deptartment and Production Department of an enterprise that would specialize in producing posters, signage, banners, displays and graphics for the huge multi-million dollar business of trade shows, expositions, meetings and events held in and around the nation's capital.

I was pretty efficient in showcard writing, which is the part of sign painting that uses watercolor tempra and red sable brushes, and works exclusively with showcard board or posterboard. and In the union, Local 1129, Sign, Pictorial and Display Workers Union at that time, the "showcard signartist" could produce a higher dollar-per-hour production than any other type of sign painting. He, along with the sketch artist, who designs the signs, were usually the highest paid men or persons in a sign shop and could demand the highest paycheck. It so happened, this was my specialty and I was friends with the area's most talented fastest, most creative showcard sign men in the Metro-Washington D.C. area. ( I had them in mind to help me and rescue me in case I oversold myself or would get a HUGE job with a short deadline . . which not to my surprise, did happen . . but I was READY )

The old adage, " LUCK is preparation meeting opportunity. " became so clear to me and it was exhillarating . . and I was ready.

Shown here is myself in the middle of a paper sign for a local ladies fashion wear shop. Picture taken around November 1975. I would mail flyers to local merchants in the area, restaurants, stores anyone that uses signs . .everyday I made it appoint to mail at least 20 flyers, getting the addresses out of the phone book.

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