Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doctor Cartoon of the Day

I love cartoons about doctors, quacks, lawyers, sheisters, street people, homeless people ( Not the unfortunate ones who are there because of circumstances beyond their control or people who have run into a string of bad luck . . I want to make it clear I don't approve of making fun of people who are worse off than you, just to laugh and make yourself feel better ( ? ) . . NO ! ) What I DO mean, are what the people used to call Bums, Tramps, Hobos . . These people were Professionals and chose that lifestyle because they were either lazy, or clueless or dishonest and had a history of seeking handouts when they were in shape to toil like everyone else . . . people who go through life always looking for the path of least resistance . . the road less travelled . . We've ALL run in to them . . I had a guy working for me once, a guy named " Harry " . . an ex-D.C. " Hack " who kind of, fit the bill, he was an engaging and interesting bloke . . absolutely charming . . he worked for me for 20 years . . deliveryman . . We'll talk about " Racetrack Harry " ( Also known as " Harry the Hack " by his friends ) and the menagerie of employees of mine sometimes . . . It would make an interesting Reality Show or a best-selling book, I promise . . . I kid you not . . maybe down the road . . I hope . .

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