Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cortlandt Forum cartoon

This drawing was rendered about 3-4 years ago right about the time The New Yorker Cartoon Bank acquired the almost sole rights to supply cartoons to The Haymarket Media Group - - The umbrella firm which publishes several medical journals including The Cortlandt Forum.

The Haymarket Group decided it was simpler to deal directly with the Cartoon Bank, after being sold to them that it was more profitable and easier to buy high quality cartoons from one source and directly from the computer ( and at the same time, from many quality name cartoonists ) AND at a better price ! Good for Bob Mankoff. This is Capitalism, and that is the way it supposed to work. Nothing wrong with that.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by the editor to continue submitting since I'd been selling there for years usually two to forty-five hundred dollars worth of cartoons at one time.
Those were the good old days. Things change. Survival of the fittest. Anyway, they wanted the cartoon in color and at that time I was using pastel chalks and pastel pencils for the coloring.

What I would do is enlarge the rough ( blk & wh) submited drawing as large as possible on a typewriter sheet of bond paper, then color it, scan it, reduce it back down , print a reduced copy and touch it up on the computer, clean it up, and then submit the finished color drawing.

When you do a large drawing which has more detail than the average cartoon, it always looks better when it is reduced back down. After coloring it I went over all the black lines very lightly with fine pens. I kinda miss working like this, but now I sometimes apply additional colors with the computer on top of the pastels, which becomes a guess a hybrid.

Then I re-scanned the colored cartoon after the black lines were put in, reduced it and printed the drawing, and THAT became the finished drawing I mailed in.

That ever happened to the good old days ?

Surprise ! These ARE the good old days !

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