Thursday, May 28, 2009


" If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. "

ANTHONY ROBBINS, Motivation Guru

When you first read the above, you wan't to say D-U-H ? But sometimes the most profound utterings are so simple they many times go right over one's head. It is really right there. It is almost all you really need to know, for starters, at least. One of my favorite utterings on this thinking, is : " If you jump out of a ten-story building, you'll ALWAYS go DOWN. "

It doesn't matter how much positive thinking you apply, you'll always go DOWN, period !

You must do something different, if you want different results . . strap on a helium balloon, or a small rocket, or wear wings or something - - -

You must examine what you are doing to get different results. If we are talking about drawing cartoons, you have to change it, tweak it, evolve from it, do a make-over in your style, start all over, study what the editors are buying, look in the mirror, look inside, and draw and draw and draw. Socrates said " YOU LEARN TO PLAY THE FLUTE BY PLAYING THE FLUTE. "

SOUNDS SIMPLE. It's hard, but it's not TOO hard.

Several years ago, feeling a little down and frustrated with the barrage of rejection slips from the magazines, I asked my collegue SAM GROSS for some advice - - - I'll paraphrase what he said - - " What are you , NUTS ? - - Just keep doin' what you're doin ! "

I was actually doing better than I realized and when he reminded me of what I WAS doin out there . . . it really pepped me up and that is exactly what I HAVE been doin' ! Thank you SAM GROSS - - ( AND ANTHONY ROBBINS ).

Maybe that is what Robert Crumb meant by his " KEEP ON TRUCKIN'. " famous phrase that he coined in the sixties! What a genius, a little sick, but a genius none the less.

Nuf sed.

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